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People that have followed my musical stage and concert career know that I use many different vocal sounds and styles.

I tend to change the character of my voice depending on the person I am portraying or the character of the song.

I suppose this “chameleon thing” comes from enjoying so many different musical influences. I’ve used the same approach on my first solo album.

I tried to find a specific voice and character for the album and for each individual song. I wanted my voice to be easy on the ears with arrangements that would reveal different surprises with each listen.

In the near future I’ll share some of my personal thoughts and insights that went into the making of this recording. but for now, I would rather that you experience it on your own terms. Let me know what you think!

My thanks to all of you who wrote in with suggestions for songs on this album. There were far too many to put on one album--they’ve given me idea for many albums come!

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening!



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